Development and Validation

The CIEQ was developed in 1975 through an analysis of the Illinois Course Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ). The original CEQ was based on an initial pool of over 1000 items collected in the early 1960’s, reduced and refined by a variety of techniques, including factor analysis, to a form containing 50 items (Aleamoni & Spencer, 1973). The current version (Form 76) uses normative data from roughly 15,000 course sections in the United States gathered from 1972 through 1992. Internal consistency reliability coefficients for the five subscales range from .81 to .94 (Aleamoni, 1978). Test-retest reliability range from .92 to .98 for the subscales and the total and from .81 to .94 for individual items (Gilmore, 1973). Aleamoni (1999) reviewed several studies of the CEQ, which are generalizable to the CIEQ. He reported that the CIEQ is not affected by gender, term, curriculum, class size, instructional rank, major/minor, pass/fail, expected grade, and final grade. In addition, the ratings of colleagues and trained judges appear to correlate with CIEQ student ratings (Aleamoni, 1978). Research on the CIEQ has shown it to be a reliable, valid measure of student reactions to the course and instructor. The CIEQ provides meaningful information that may be successfully used in a program of instructional improvement and as part of a comprehensive faculty evaluation system designed to provide data for faculty personnel decisions.